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Self Love & Body Positivity

Nowadays, it is so easy to get stuck and go down the rabbit hole comparing ourselves to others or feeling down because we don't look the way “we wish we did”. That was the case for me at the age of 30. I noticed my body changing and maturing from long & lean, to thick and curvy. Feeling this change was interesting because it was the first time in my adulthood where for a moment, I started to feel uncomfortable with my appearance. Luckily at this point in life I had already been on my journey of self love. It was through yoga that I began to apply different self love practices/rituals to my everyday life.

Acts of self love are the key towards Body Positivity. By Body Positivity I mean; I AM PERFECT AS I AM, BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT, CAPABLE & WORTH IT!

These are the words of affirmation I recite to activate the energy behind my practice. These simple words of affirmation are the most important form of self love. In them lies the power to shift my perspective and potential for personal growth and development. The use of words of affirmation to activate a positive state of mind are meant to send signals of love throughout our entire being.

Another important aspect of my practice is the relationship I have with myself. This ranges but is not limited to tuning in and listening to what my body is asking for. This could be in terms of my nutrition, exercise, rest, pleasure, adventure, etc...I have no need to limit myself nor over do it with anything, rather I can choose to make wise decisions and only do what feels good. This routine allows me to feel strong and secure.

Although most of my body positivity practice consists of inner work. I have found balance in pairing that with a good sense of fashion. I am a Libra and we are known to be trend setters. I love a good clean simple outfit with a dash of color and glam. The type of outfit that I feel good in, the one that makes me feel like a queen, a bad ass; sexy and in my power. “Love yourself deeply, because when you do it shows.” *finger snap... - Saira

You can find Saira teaching Rocket Yoga on Thursday nights at 7:00pm. Her class will be sure to leave you feeling strong and powerful, and maybe a little sweaty.


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