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Laura Monk

Yoga Instructor

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My Story

Life sometimes strips you of everything and takes you to rock bottom so that you can look in the mirror and ask yourself, "What am I without all of these external labels?" At 15 years old, Brandon left his family home in San Jose to play ice hockey in numerous highly competitive leagues. Unfortunately, his hockey career was cut short after two major concussions in 2019. This was Brandon’s version of rock bottom. 


In an attempt to discover who he was outside of the hockey world, he turned inwards, out of self preservation, and discovered meditation & yoga. This practice not only helped heal his brain, but allowed him to reprogram his thought patterns and discover the joy of becoming the best version of himself. 


Brandon is inspired by the mental and physical challenges of yoga and meditation. He is motivated to attend classes that push him outside of his comfort zone, because he knows that this is where he experiences the most growth. 


He believes that yoga is the practice of building a happy home within oneself. Through this practice, he understands that we are all the alchemists of our own lives and all of the ingredients that we need to be fulfilled lie within ourselves. 


Brandon’s fluid teaching style utilizes creative sequencing that brings you to challenging moments where you can transcend your physical and mental limitations. 


His intention is to be a living example that your biggest nightmares can lead you to restorative transformations; it’s just up to you to create what you want from them. Because yoga + meditation saved him from incredibly dark times, his goal in life is to learn, master, and share these practices around the world.

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