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Go Love Yourself
Wellness Retreat

Uncover your own Power and Truth

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In our modern days it can be easy to forget about investing into yourself. Constantly being bombarded with notifications, work, relationships and so many other outside sources leaving us “doing” much more than BEING. Attending our Go Love Yourself retreat in a tranquil garden setting tucked in the rolling hills of Temecula, California you’ll be guided into uncovering your own power and truth. Join us on a three day voyage into the art of investing into yourself through daily yoga classes, guided meditations, discovery workshops, releasing breathwork, and exquisite meals to nourish the body. All while Being grounded in the adventure of true nature. 


What would it take to forge a path of willingness to LOVE yourself? Find out with us as we embark on this voyage to unlock your deepest compassion towards Self.



Temecula Retreat House,

Temecula, CA



Elyssa Swann & Karina Ross

of AwareWolf



Exquisite plant based meals provided by Chef Perla of Elevation Eating

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