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Dominic M.

Yoga Instructor

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My Story

Dominic is a certified nutritionist, yoga teacher, fitness trainer, ayurveda practitioner, athlete, sports coach, mentor, personal life & career coach and an author of 2 published books on yoga therapy, fitness stretching and calisthenics. 


Committing to Dominic and these teachings, one will embody a boost in immunity, balanced metabolism, mind and body awareness, increased energy, vitality, sense of empathy, healthy relationships, better sleep, a boost in sexual performance, communication skills, weight reduction, and will learn that your inner attitude determines your overall happiness. 


Dominic works with children, teens, adults, couples and families. He specializes in self-esteem & confidence building, life & career coaching, treating parenting issues, open communication, stress management, anxiety, PTSD, depression and real life issues. I focus on helping people find success and reach their full potential.


He is humbled and forever grateful for his gifts, talents and opportunities given by his clients the opportunity to offer the natural healing modalities of Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga and Life Therapy.

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