Nina Klein

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

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Nina Klein is a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Ayurveda and Behavior Change Specialist. She is committed to helping you achieve your goals and will encourage you to find your most authentic self. Born and raised in Germany, Nina took on a long journey around the world and inside her heart to heal her own traumas. Along the way she learned and taught in Costa Rica, Hawaii, and all over California. Yoga and Ayurveda have been two of the major healing modalities for herself, and she is very passionate to offer the same to those who want the same. Becoming certified in those teachings has been a perfect addition to her holistic personal training business. Nina likes to teach traditional yoga, incorporating chanting, meditation, and breath work, as well as modern styles of yoga such as deep house yoga. You will also flow with her to tranquil and hypnotizing sounds of shamanic drums, Indian chill, and peaceful rhythms from all over the world.

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