Ladies Night

May 15th 2021

This was event designed to celebrate being a lady! Swag Bags, all women owned vendor market, eco-friendly glitter bar, lip bar, live DJ, photo booth and more. You can find all info and links on this page.

Vendor Market

Thriftsys Clothing: www.thriftsyclothing.com // Instagram: @thriftsy.clothing

Costa Crystals: www.costacrystals.com // Instagram: @costa_crystals

Flight of Fancy: www.flightoffancydesigns.com // Instagram: @flightof_fancy

Good Moves CBD: www.goodmovescbd.com // Instagram: @good.moves.cbd

Luna Wild Collection: www.lunawildcollection.com // Instagram: @lunawildcollection

Lux Muse: www.luxmuse.co // Instagram: @luxmuse

Outland Organics: www.outlandorganics.com // Instagram: @outlandorganics

Santos Swim: www.santosswim.com // Instagram: @santos_swim

Soulrebl Gems: Instagram: @soulreblgems

Supernova Entertainment: www.supernovaentertainment.com // Instagram: @supernovaentertainment

Lip Bar

Find the ladies and all the wonderful products they offer here:

Jennifer: @where_is_jenn

Kyla: @kylalynnlebeck

Kristi: @kristimagerswooden

Other Sponsers:

Glitter Bar: Glitter Nymph


Instagram: @glitter_nymph

Late Night Snack: Flourchild Baking Company


Instagram: @flourchildbakingcompany

Flower Arrangements: Night Garden Floral


Instagram: @nightgardenfloral

Suja Juice:


Instagram: @lovesuja

Kove Hard Yerba Mate


Instagram: @kove.yerbamate

Photo Booth:


Swag Bags Sponsers:

Candles - JaxKelly: www.jaxkelly.com // Instagram: @jaxkelly

Cacao Packets - Maya Moon Co: www.shop.mayamoon.co // Instagram: @mayamoonco

CBD Cream - Good Moves Co: www.goodmovescbd.com // Instagram: @good.moves.cbd

Organifi Packets - www.organifishop.com // Instagram: @organifi

Cookies - Maya Vegan Cookies: www.mayacookies.com // Instagram: @mayacookiessandiego

MRM Nutrition Packets & Shaker Bottle - www.mrmnutrition.com // Instagram: @mrm_nutrition

Spa Coupon - AquaVie Wellness + Fitness: www.aquaviewellness.com // Instagram: @aquaviewellness

Glitter - Glitter Nymph: www.glitternymph.com // Instagram: @glitter_nymph

Yoga Class - The Yoga Bus: www.theyogabus.co // Instagram: @theyogabus.co

Disco Balls & Stickers - AwareWolf: www.awarewolfsd.com // Instagram: @awarewolf_sd

Santos Swim Coupons

Costa Crystals Coupons

Surprise Items:

Earrings: Soulrebl Gems & Outland Organics

Crystal bags: Flight of Fancy

Silk Scrunchies & Headbands: Luna Wild

Face Masks: Thriftys